Prevention and Treatment of Skin Lesion of T-2 Toxin

Author: Dr. A. Khaboshany, Dr. A. Omidi, Dr. S.M. Morsali

Institution: Medical Science University, Mashhad

Trichothecene mycotoxins are a group of fungal metabolites which are produced by the same species of fusarium. These compounds have a common structure and depending on various substitutions on the ring, different toxins with special function are produced. These toxins cause many cellular damages in contaminated men and animals. These damages will appear in animal organs which have grown faster. For example, most damages will cause to bone marrow, skin and digestive tract cells. These toxins react with - SH group of enzyme. For example, peptidy transpheras, which have a role important in the synthesis of cellular proteins and inhibited action of the enzymes. In this investigation, we chose compounds for prevention and treatment which react with toxins and compete in their reaction with - SH group of enzymes. Thiol compounds were the best and from these four Thiol compounds, N- Acetylcysteine, sodium hyposulfatl, cysteine hydrochloride and menthionine were chosen and their effects in prevention and treatment. Application of NAC pomad to the contaminated position after 30 min., decreased 50-70 percent of lesions. Also, application of pomad after 60 min., decreased 40-60 percent of lesions.