Organic pesticide may do more harm than good. . .

By S.L. Roberts

A common organic pesticide called rotenone, has been banned in California and some lab studies show it has been linked to Parkinson's disease.  Rotenone has also been a controversial issue in fisheries.  In some states it has been banned,  as well.  Mold-HelpŠ  announces that although the anti-fungal diet is particularly important in healing from the hostile effects of indoor fungal exposure from many toxigenic molds, we do not endorse the use of organic produce in light of this news, as well as other research that we have been conducting on this product; until evidence can be proven that demonstrates that rotenone doesn't cause neurological disorders.

Ordinary, store bought produce is wholesome alternative and can be superbly effective as the pesticides used in their production process can also be effective as fungicides.  It cannot be used in certain cases of autoimmune diseases and high risk cases of CMV.  Now, we would like to heighten public awareness even further with the use of this possibly neurotoxic chemical.

If you have any doubts, check with your local state if rotenone is legal.  Also read other article regarding organic packaged foods and new health warnings.

"We live in an ever changing world. Instead of it being a question as to what food is pure or healthy, it is now more of a inquiry as to what food is the least toxic."

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