Long Term Effects

Susan Lillard-Roberts

Although mold is mentioned in the Bible, this is a relatively new breakthrough in scientific medicine in America; so it very difficult to tell what the long term affects may be.  There is no doubt that exposure to these spores and mycotoxins can cause permanent pathological, immunological, psychological, and neurological damage.

As this potential cataclysm spreads, I see more and more individuals with incurable autoimmune diseases and cancer than ever before.  Heart attacks and diabetes are extremely prevalent and luckily, current studies are being conducted to back up this findings.  There are now expert witnesses available in accordance with the much debated Daubert theory.

If you are looking for a direct answer for good health after exposure to toxigenic molds. . .   It really depends on the individual. Prolonged exposure to toxigenic fungi does alter the DNA.  This also causes permanent neurological damage.  Few people fare rather well, but it is very easy to think one has made a recovery when in fact the mold is in a mycelial state (growing), and then the patient may have a relapse months later after they may have gone off the diet and medication.  This is a very common mistake as internal fungal infections usually take 3 to 5 years to abate.  This means a patient must be constantly trying to eradicate the infection the entire time, not only when they feel sick. 

As global warming trends occur, and the ozone layer depletes, as well as faulty construction, we must prepare for increased fungal infections worldwide. Hopefully, the next generation of researchers and physicians will become increasingly knowledgeable in areas of mycotoxicosis & fungal research than ever before, so perhaps less patients will face the embarrassment, humiliation, and lack of treatment they have at present. 

The current result of misdiagnosis is not only a disgrace, but it reflects ignorance on the physician's part at an end cost of humiliation for the patient.  The patient suffers additionally; it often ends with a patient taking several unnecessary meds, being over medicated, infections spreading, extended memory loss, thus, additional stress on the kidneys and liver. 

People are sick and dying and nothing is being done about it.  The government and the medical field is doing nothing to assist in this problem.  This is not only a moral dilemma but an absolute disgrace.  Something will have to happen soon before it is too late.

I would love to be more optimistic and say, " this is a temporary problem and modern science will soon have an answer, but you and I both know from an educated perspective, at this juncture; this is simply an impossibility."

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