Fungal bezoar and bladder rupture secondary to Candida tropicalis

Craig V. Comiter, Michael McDonald, Jane Minton and Subbarao V. Yalla

Accepted 16 October 1995. Available online 1 February 2001.



Candidal urinary tract infections typically occur in a host with compromised immune function. Although usually associated with aerobic bacterial infections, emphysematous cystitis occasionally complicates fungal infections of the lower urinary tract, especially in diabetics. Another uncommon occurrence is formation of a "fungus ball" leading to obstructive uropathy. We present a case of bladder rupture in a patient with emphysematous cystitis and obstructing fungal bezoar caused by Candida tropicalis. Various factors predispose to fungal urinary tract infection, including diabetes mellitus, neurogenic bladder, antibiotic usage, and the presence of an indwelling urinary catheter.