Environment, Decision-Making and Well-Being - Insecurity, Uncertainty and Crisis of Expertise

Principal investigator: Prof. Aulikki Nissinen, University of Kuopio, Department of Public Health and General Practice, email: aulikki.nissinen@uku.fi

The project examines the association between perceived insecurity and uncertainty of people and environmental problems (mould and asbestos) theoretically affecting health, creates with local population research based model for decision-making process to control the problem. The project first makes baseline measurements on indoor air quality, asbestos in yards, health profile of population and perceived insecurity and uncertainty among the population as well as the awareness and knowledge about the problem. Based on these results and analysis of current decision making system the model for decision making is created by researchers, decision makers and laypopulation. The model is also tested.

Specific aims are:

to determine microbiological quality of indoor air in public buildings including schools and the health status of the users of buildings,

to measure asbestos of soil in the intimate surroundings of people living in the asbestos polluted area (Tuusniemi),

to compare health profile of population with the Finnish population,

to assess insecurity due to and awareness of the environmental threats in the area, and the knowledge about the problems among the population, decision makers and municipality officers,

to assess uncertainty about expertise among population and degree of uncertainty among decision-makers and civil

servants about decision-making process,

to create and test with researchers, decision-makers and laypeople the model for decision making process based on the

analysis of the current decision making and the results of the measurements,

to measure change in insecurity, uncertainty, awareness and knowledge among the population, decision makers and the officers of the municipality after evidence based information campaign.