Effect of Individual Metabolic Characteristics on Genotoxicity

Project leader Hannu Norppa, Department of Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology Helsinki, Finland. Researchers S. Bernardini, G. Falck, A. Hirvonen, H. Järventaus, J. Tuimala

Completed by Dec. 2005

Objectives: The goal of the project is to clarify the influence of metabolic polymorphisms on the genotoxicity of chemicals in humans.

Materials: The importance of genetic polymorphisms is studied among smokers, foundry workers, bus drivers exposed to vehicle exhaust and nuclear power plant employees, and also among control persons. In addition, the genotoxic metabolites of some industrial chemicals are examined in lymphocyte cultures of donors representing different genotypes.

Methods: The genotoxicological methods applied include cytogenetic analyses from peripheral lymphocytes. Genotype determinations are carried out by means of techniques based on polymerase chain reaction.