Aspergillus brain abscess in a patient with normal immunity--case report

Kawakami N, Nishizaki T, Sugiyama S, Ito H.

Department of Neurosurgery, Yamaguchi University School of Medicine.

A 53-year-old male with normal immunity presented with Aspergillus brain abscess manifesting as frontal headache. T2-weighted magnetic resonance imaging revealed a hypointense lesion in the left frontal lobe extending into the right frontal lobe. The hypointense appearance on T2-weighted images appears to be characteristic of aspergillosis. Bifrontal craniotomy exposed an elastic-hard mass in the base of the left frontal lobe extending into the right frontal lobe, and into the left ethmoid sinus. The mass contained a cavity with white fluid. The abscess was removed almost totally. The histological diagnosis was Aspergillus abscess. Antibiotic treatment with amphotericin B and fluconazole was given for 2 months postoperatively. No recurrence was identified during 15-month follow-up.